Special chain tensioner design with backstops

The chain tensioner is always installed in the slack strand of the chain drive - only here is the chain without tension and can be tensioned and kept under control by a tensioning system. Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co KG also offers special tensioner designs with backstops for special cases in certain applications.
This design is suitable, for example, for manual or load-free reference travel of the chain drive against the running direction in a chain drive - it is not suitable, however, for holding the force of a chain in the load strand. In the event of a load reversal, i.e. a change in the direction of rotation, the load and slack strand are also exchanged. If a tensioning system (Spann-Box®) with backstop is used in the load strand, damage to the product can occur and the chain drive will not be tensioned correctly.