Spann-Boy® TS-EP

The new Spann-Boy® TS for dynamic applications

The new Spann-Boy® TS EP for dynamic applications made by Murtfeldt plastics

What Murtfeldt has developed as a special solution for specific customer requirements is beginning to establish itself as a new standard due to increased demand: The new Spann-Boy® TS-EP, the elliptical, 180° rotatably mounted chain sliding profile made of Original Material "S"® from Murtfeldt Kunststoffe If you also need greater flexibility in the installation and adjustment of clamping systems, then the new Spann-Boy® TS-EP is just the product for you.
Find out more about its advantages, of which the dynamic adaptation with increasing chain length and the automatic adaptation of a lengthening chain are only two aspects.


  • Application in chain drives with changing operating states
  • With angle changes of the chain drive
    (e.g. lifting tables with external drive)
  • Ideal for highly dynamic chain drives
  • In control and positioning applications
  • With varying axis-centre distances

The new Spann-Boy® TS for dynamic applications

Special features

  • New: elliptical, 180° pivot-mounted chain guide profile made of Original Material ”S”®
  • Extended freedom of installation and adjustment
  • Dynamic adaptation with increasing chain extension
  • Automatic adaptation to an extending chain
  • Doubles the lifetime of the slide profile without the Spann-Boy® needing to be removed or the slide profile replaced
  • In the event of wear on one side, the profile can be simply rotated and the other side used
  • The radius forms a base circular diameter of 180 mm (twice the size of a normal chain tensioning wheel)
  • This helps to ensure that there are as many chain rollers as possible in every position of the slide profile
  • Has a positive impact on the so-called polygon effect

Areas of use

  • For applications with restricted free space beneath the chain. A clearance of 40 mm is sufficient. Installation is possible adjacent to the chain.
  • Simple installation is nevertheless possible with inclined sections of chain and restricted installation options. Installation is, for instance, feasible on horizontal or vertical profiles, without the need for additional installation aids/adapters.
  • As a general rule: Our tensioning systems are free-running and resilient. As a result, they do not act as rigid deflectors when stressed. This avoids excessive contact pressure.
  • For further recommendations and technical information on our tensioning systems please visit: Function, principles and handling of Tensioning Systems.


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Direction of movement in a foundry

Murtfeldt plastics tensioning system Spann-Boy® TS-EP: Direction of movement in a foundry

Pivot-mounted chain guide profile

Murtfeldt plastics Spann-Boy® TS-EP: Pivot-mounted chain guide profile

Versatile uses

Murtfeldt plastics Spann-Boy® TS-EP: Versatile uses