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User case studies - Experiences of Murtfeldt products

Murtfeldt's plastic products have been put to the challenge during everyday business and have frequently left behind a great impression. Thanks to the special properties of our materials, we are now practically indispensable in many sectors.

We believe that it is extremely important to find out how satisfied our customers are with their experiences of our products. This is the only way of enabling the further optimization of the products' characteristic properties and benefits. See for yourself by reading these real-life user case studies.

Tooth on tooth

Screws with external toothing


Improved rinser hygiene

Plastic carriers improve hygiene on rinser plants


uni-con sliding bases

They roll and roll and roll ...


Bridge displacement

Not so much a primary as a gliding role


Murtfeldt 3D printing

Screen and control panel fixation on the dashboard of an emergency ambulance


Press releases

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12.11.2019 -12.11.2019

carbovation fibre technologies

El grupo Murtfeldt es un socio estratégico

carbovation fibre technologies  

06.09.2019 -06.09.2019

Murtfeldt Plasty is growing

Extension to the Czech subsidiary’s buildings

Murtfeldt Plasty is growing  

06.09.2019 -06.09.2019

Certificados de productos ESD

¿Antiestático o no antiestático? Para Murtfeldt no cabe duda.

Certificados de productos ESD