Designing products together with TeamViewer

One click to your solution

TeamViewer conferencing software allows you to be involved with the design process. Murtfeldt online conferencing gives you and us the opportunity to view documents together on our computer screens and to edit them in accordance with your ideas. Get involved with our team during the all-important development phase!

The many-eyes principle

It's a familiar concept to many design engineers: Lots of pondering and tinkering is needed to find the best possible solution to a task. It helps if you're not left all on your own.

How does it work?

The TeamViewer enables Murtfeldt and the customer to view, edit, and develop documents such as CAD files simultaneously. All content is reproduced in full on all connected computers with no delay at all. This minimizes the risk of misunderstandings and leads to an increase in consultancy quality.

The process

The assigned application engineer takes the role of moderator and sends you an e-mail invitation to take part in the TeamViewer conference. You - and also multiple users - click on the link in the e-mail to open the program. As soon as the Internet connection is established, the moderator's screen appears. It might, for example, contain one of your drawings that need to be quickly modified.

Can changes be made online?

Of course: You can instruct the moderator over the telephone and he or she can make the changes to the drawing on his PC - right before your eyes. If you need to point something out on the drawing, that's fine too: The moderator can allow participants to control his or her monitor so that you can illustrate the desired changes directly on the drawing.

By the way...

... TeamViewer has even more functions, including the transmission of video and speech. This means that - if you prefer - you don't need to use the telephone at all.