Customs solutions: transport and conveyor screws

do not need to be expensive

Murtfeldt tailor-made transport and conveyor screws are used in place of many construction parts, custom-manufactured to meet their users' needs – and stand out, not on account of their high cost, but rather because of their outstanding quality.

Murtfeldt offers a wide production range of individual conveyor screws. They all transport goods constantly, quickly, and gently. Murtfeldt has now expanded its range of conveyor screws with individually manufactured screws with drive properties. In addition to conveying goods, these screws use external toothing to drive other screws.

See Murtfeldt screws in action

Click the "Play" button to find out about how each screw works. On the right side of each player control bar you will find a fullscreen button wich allows you to toggle the video into and out of fullscreen.

The benefits of plastic screws in comparison with metal screws

  • less operationg noise
  • considerably lower weight
  • easy to clean
  • low centrifugal forces
  • high resistance to impact and abrasion
  • high impact toughness
  • excellent glide behaviour
  • high surface quality (important for protecting products)
  • long lifetime
  • And don`t forget: Murtfeldt Kunststoffe offers 100% reproducibilty of its produced screws.