Tailored plastic solutions: Ram guards

Our plastic ram guards offer an impact-resistant alternative to solutions made from wood or metal.

Ram protection: One objective, lots of solutions!

Murtfeldt's tailored solutions for ram protection and impact protection are already used in many areas. Unlike traditional solutions made from metal or wood, the design of ram protection profiles made from high-quality plastics offers a range of material-related advantages. These guards generally feature high durability and extreme impact resistance whilst retaining cost effectiveness. 

Protect parts of buildings, plants, and your equipment using custom ram protection or impact protection by Murtfeldt that has been tailored to your needs in order to avoid high repair and maintenance costs. 

Low moisture absorption, antistatic properties, high resistance to the cold or heat, or great slide properties? Murtfeldt uses the right plastics for your application in accordance with the requirements of the place of use. After all, not all materials are created equal. You can also benefit from the advantages of our EU and FDA-certified plastics that are compliant with legal requirements for use in the food industry for ram protection solutions in, for example, food-processing enterprises or the health/laboratory sector. 

The Murtfeldt Application Technology team is there to provide you with free and non-binding advice about all of the possibilities open to you. We produce the required ram protection in accordance with your data and drawings or work with you to formulate the optimum solution and all files that are required for the production process. We do this online using TeamViewer.

Application areas of Murtfeldt's ram guards

  • Fitting out production halls to protect facilities near to forklift paths
  • Wall and building protection (for example, shop-fitting, schools, sport facilities, and public buildings)
  • Tray trolleys
  • Industrial elevators
  • Trolley storage
  • Airports and railway stations
  • Forklift fairing
  • Cold stores, abattoirs, and warehouses
  • Hospitals and care homes
  • Food-processing enterprises
  • Equipping transport trolleys

Advantages of ram protection solutions made from plastic

  • Production in accordance with your individual requirements
  • Even small batches are possible
  • Production in accordance with drawings or samples - made by you or by us
  • Free advice regarding plastic selection, design appropriate for plastics, and all questions about the application of our plastics
  • Depending on the used plastic: Extremely impact-resistant, high durability unlike solutions made from metal or wood, no water absorption, physiologically safe (FDA), good slide properties, low material wear, and cost-effective