Customs solutions: Product Turners

Murtfeldt Plastics develops and produces a wide range of product turners designed to meet customers' specific individual requirements. These are turners for e.g. commercially available drinks cans and also for special formats that are developed completely in accordance with the indivdiual requirements of the customer. Whether turning equipment for cans, bottles, glasses, cups, boxes or crates: there are no limits to our manufacturing expertise. There are many reasons for choosing our product Turners.

We use our highly wear-resistant Original Material "S"® (PE-UHMW) to produce our turners and twisters.


On request this can also meet further requirements (temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, compliant with legal requirements for use in the Food industry etc.).

It is possible to work with minimal accumulation pressure, thanks to the exceptional sliding properties of our machined plastics. Products can be conveyed ultra-quietly, thanks to joint-free guideshape and the multi-component design of our product turners makes them simple to dismantle for cleaning purposes.

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Product turner in use


Product turner in use


Screw-type turner


Use of product turners

Irrespective of the industry, Murtfeldt manufactures product turners and twister with any turning angle that can be used in virtually any production and processing stage:

  • for alignment before or after filling or packaging
  • for pre-filling cleaning
  • before and after labelling
  • for sterilisation by means of turning after filling

Assembly variations

There are also extensive variations when it comes to fitting the product turners:

  • on an existing conveyor
  • between two conveyors
  • for assembly with a low angel of inclination (10 - 15 degrees depending on the product) to ensure jam-free conveyance

Products for turning

We produce turners and twister for e.g.:

  • folding boxes, cartons, and cardboard boxes
  • cans, bottels, and glasses
  • glass or plastic jars

Now as short films: Our product turners in action.

Click the "Play" button to find out more about the functioning of our product turners! Contact us - we can also manufacture specifically for you, tailor-made and individually. Murtfeldt produces turners and twister for e.g. the food sector, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry, automotive sector, beverage industry and electrical industry.

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Advantages of Murtfeldt product turners and twister

  • production on 5-axis machines with a cooling mechanism
  • guarantees a really good surface quality
  • only a low dynamic pressure due to excellent slide properties of the processed plastics
  • turners generally only consist of one or two plastic elements
  • seamless internal contour enables really quiet and gentle product running
  • stainless steel connection elements support hygienic requirements
  • use of plastics that are compliant with legal requirements for use in the food industry [FS] at the request of the customer
  • suitability of one turner for many product formats