Production information

When processing the following materials, please bear the tips below in mind in order to achieve optimum production results:

Murtfeldt Plastics: Production information for drilling

Production information for drilling

Good heat dissipation and chip removal along with the use of cooling lubricants are vital. When drilling holes with large diameters, the cross-cuts that are otherwise usual should be decreased, and the drill diameter should be produced in stages.

Murtfeldt Plastics: Production information for sawing

Production information for sawing

Band saws, circular saws, and hack saws with a large tooth pitch and slight tooth setting are suitable.

Murtfeldt Plastics: Block cracking avoidance

Block cracking avoidance

As of a semi-finished product diameter of 80 mm, the material should be preheated to 80°C in order to prevent the formation of block cracking in the semi-finished product.