The click connection trick

Aluminium profile systems are often used in conveying, production, and assembly machines. It takes a lot of effort to achieve a reliable connection with chain and belt guides. However, SNAP-TRICK ® makes this easy.

The 'profile with the click' has a variable connection element that is made of Original Material Murytal® C Natural. This enables the combination of Murtfeldt chain and belt guide profiles with any aluminium profile system. SNAP TRICK ® is suitable for use with the system profiles of practically all well-known manufacturers.

The advantages of SNAP-TRICK® profiles

  • Click connection provides quick assembly
  • No tool required
  • Profiles can be replaced by clicking the click connection – there is no need to pull profiles along the entire groove length
  • Special SNAP variants enable attachment to flat surfaces without a groove
  • The advantages of our standard range can be used without limitation


  • Original Material "S"® Black Antistatic
  • We can deliver other slide materials on request


  • Usually delivered in 2 m lengths
  • If required, we can cut shorter parts from our standard lengths or manufacture longer one-piece guides
  • Five SNAPs are supplied for every metre of profile length

SNAP for all scenarios

Overview of manufacturer compatibility
Always state the correct article number for your requirements. You receive 5 SNAPs free-of-charge for each metre of profile length. Regardless of the manufacturer, all SNAPs can be used as long as their B, T, and h dimensions match your groove dimensions.

Article numbers for separate SNAP orders:
See below

Custom orders:
Send us the dimensions of your profile as a CAD drawing and state the profile manufacturer (see sketch). We are also happy to determine the appropriate choice of SNAP on the basis of a sample provided by you.

Overview of types for selection

Type T

Type TD

Type TU

Type TS

Type U

Type K

Type KR

Type FK

Type FR

Type RR

Type F

Type L

Type HR 1520

Example order

Item 1 221 511 005
2 m chain guides (2,000 mm) for chain 08 B-1 incl. free SNAP S5 (221 539 105)

Item 2 221 530 105
1 bag of 50 SNAP S5 (additional)