Overview of belt guides

Plastic instead of metal

Belt guides made of metal cause a great deal of abrasion on the belts. By choosing a belt guide made of Original Material "S"® Black Antistatic, you considerably reduce this wear.

In addition, you save on drive energy thanks to the reduced static friction. Original Material "S"® Black Antistatic is suitable for use for round belts, V-belts, tooth belts, and tracked tooth belts.

For round belts

Gleitprofil Typ RR

Type RR

Gleitprofil Typ RRC

Type RRC

For V-belts as per DIN 2215

Gleitprofil Typ KR

Type KR

Gleitprofil Typ KRC

Type KRC

For tooth belts

Gleitprofil Typ FR

Type FR

Gleitprofil Typ FRC

Type FRC

For tracked tooth belts

Gleitprofil Typ FK

Type FK

Gleitprofil Typ FKC

Type FKC