Murtfeldt acquires another fibre composite company

A perfect addition to the range of products and services

Die CrossLink GmbH und die Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG bündeln und ergänzen seit dem 21. September 2021 ihre Kompetenzen


The Cadolzburg-based CrossLink has been a Murtfeldt Group member since 21 September 2021, thus expanding its product portfolio of fibre composite materials.

Anyone considering the industrial sector’s future cannot ignore fibre-reinforced plastics. Fibre-reinforced components can be found, for example, in the aerospace and sports industries. More complex and, at the same time, lighter component geometries combined with sophisticated functions in turn call for new materials. In recent years, the Murtfeldt Group has positioned itself in this area with an eye to the future; it offers comprehensive solution concepts – from the basic requirement to the finished component. Moreover, Murtfeldt places great emphasis on the growth and the opportunities that modern fibre composite technologies offer.

There is already one competent partner for fibre-reinforced plastics in the Murtfeldt Group in the shape of the carbovation GmbH subsidiary based in Friedrichshafen. The acquisition of the Cadolzburg-based CrossLink GmbH on 21 September 2021 represents a perfect addition to the range of products and services. Detlev Höhner, Managing Director of the Murtfeldt Group, is pleased by the new addition to the corporate group, warmly welcoming all its employees to the medium-sized family business. “Crosslink GmbH is a proven player in the fibre-reinforced lightweight construction segment. In the future, our customers will benefit even further from the broad spectrum of development expertise and manufacturing technologies.”

Crosslink Murtfeldt Composites: Klassische Verfahren, Pressverfahren und selbstentwickelte Verfahren zum Urformen von Faserverbundbauteilen

Crosslink Murtfeldt Composites: Eingesetzte Fasermaterialien (Carbon, Glas, Aramid, Basalt, Naturfasern)

Crosslink Murtfeldt Composites: Weiterführende Bearbeitung, Montage und Veredelung von Faserverbundbauteilen


Higher diversity of fibre composite technologies

Depending on the quantity needed, the complexity of the components and the required functions, customers will be able to choose from an even larger range of manufacturing processes in the future. In keeping with Murtfeldt’s philosophy, the range of consulting and design services is consequently also expanded. Simultaneously, more diversity means more complexity. However, the customers will not be left alone with this, by any means. “Along with Crosslink, we have also taken on 60 skilled employees who can give expert advice to customers, alongside our colleagues from Friedrichshafen. With us, no customer needs to bring along their own expertise in the field of fibre-reinforced components so that they can find the right solutions for their tasks,” Detlev Höhner adds.

CrossLink’s main business areas are in medical technology, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and anti-ballistic protection. These also largely coincide with the market access of carbovation GmbH in Friedrichshafen. Technologically, however, the company, based near Nuremberg, which has been operating successfully in the marketplace for decades, offers an attractive expansion of the manufacturing processes already in use.

As a result, extremely high-quality components of up to a length of five metres and a diameter of nearly two and a half metres can now be produced under the Murtfeldt roof in the prepreg autoclave technology sector on an additional area of 3,000 square metres. The RTM and press technology also permit larger series quantities and components with a Class A surface quality. Components up to 3.5 metres by 2.5 metres in size can be accurately reworked in-house by milling technology.


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