Environmental management

Our world is green

The Murtfeldt environmental certificate

Murtfeldt's philosophy is written in green. This is not only because our traditional plastic, Original Material "S"® Green, dominates our daily business; it is primarily because of our willingness to carry out all business activities within the framework of an environmentally friendly concept. Murtfeldt is aware of its obligation to protect the environment, a task which is gladly undertaken by the company. We believe that a company should have a spiritual and social value to its surrounding environment in addition to its economic worth. Taking responsibility for one's environment in no way conflicts with economic success.

Statutory norms help companies to find their way through a multitude of regulations. Murtfeldt is well ahead of most norms. For example, as early as 1997, we implemented an environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. In practical terms, this means the following: During production, chippings are collected up and then processed at our Murdotec subsidiary to produce semi-finished products of a defined quality that are returned to Murtfeldt's production lines.

The purchasing of new machines is also subject to strict environmental criteria. Furthermore, the solar panels on the roof of the company's premises prove our commitment to the environment: In addition to using energy, at Murtfeldt we also generate it. In 2017, the company produced an impressive 133,671 kilowatt hours. We take our commitment to the environment seriously: As a result of our company’s efficient use of resources and sustained consideration of the environment, Murtfeldt was awarded Dortmund's ÖKOPROFIT award in 2006. We were then recertified in 2007. For us, this indicates the consistent continuation of our environmental management philosophy.

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